Headbangers Weekend In Istanbul
Headbangers Weekend In Istanbul
Headbangers' Weekend which have hosted Kreator, Helloween, Arch Enemy, Overkill, Children of Bodom, Carcass, Therion, Epica, At The Gates, Sonata Arctica and so many others within its first 3 years, will be on March 5th, inside KucukCiftlik Park's winter tent and as one day this year.

Headbangers' Weekend's 2017 line-up will consist Eluveitie which are among the pioneers of folk metal and Kalmah as the melodic death metal representatives of Finland. Besides local names that will take stage are Sabhankra, Yaşru, Hellsodomy, Khepra, Mithra and also Azooma which are festival's guests from Iran.

See you at the Headbangers' Weekend

Eluveitie: 22:00 
Kalmah: 20:00 
Sabhankra: 19:00
Hellsodomy: 18:00
Yaşru: 17:00
Furtherial: 16:00
Khepra: 15:00
Mithra: 14:00
Azooma: 13:00
Doors open: 12:30
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