İskender Paydaş and Orchestra at Nola Istanbul
İskender Paydaş and Orchestra at Nola Istanbul
Galata’s newest restaurant Nola has launched its new venue Nolart, which aims to be home to famous musical and artistic events.

Nolart will host İskender Paydas and Orchestra with their unique live performance.

Paydaş has been performing over the past four years with his orchestra that was formed with the launch of his latest album “Timeless Songs.” The album combines the unforgettable songs of Turkish pop music and famous international hits with Paydas’ special arrangements.

The orchestra brings together many genres, quality music, and a striking stage performance. Paydaş and the orchestra will be on stage on Nov. 19 at 11 p.m. The hit songs produced over the past two years will be in the repertoire.


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