Local Foods Of Istanbul Simit aka Turkish Bagel
Local Foods Of Istanbul  Simit aka Turkish Bagel
Simit has a long history in the great city of Istanbul. Archival sources show that the simit has been produced in Istanbul since 1525. Based on Üsküdar court records dated 1593, the weight and price of simit was standardized for the first time. The 17th-century traveler Evliya Çelebi wrote that there were 70 simit bakeries in Istanbul during the 1630s.

Jean Brindesi's early 19th-century oil paintings about Istanbul daily life show simit sellers on the streets.

Warwick Goble, too, made an illustration of these simit sellers of Istanbul in 1906. Simit and its variants became popular across the Ottoman Empire.

Simit is generally enjoyed plain, or for breakfast with tea, fruit preserves, or cheese or ayran (another traditional and delicious Istanbul drink made with yoghurt).

Simis are Istanbul are made with molasses unlike in the capital city Ankara but very similiar with simits in Smyrna.
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