Mediterranean Cuisine In Nola Istanbul
Mediterranean Cuisine In Nola Istanbul

NOLA is a venue in the metropolis of Istanbul that embodies the richest samples of history and culture, being supported by a city wall that was built centuries ago and which has witnessed the major scenes of history. This wall surrounding the back façade of Nola from one end to the other is a piece with historic value, belonging to the huge city walls of almost 1200 years ago.

The story of the wall that surrounds Nola on the back façade begins with the Genoese. The Genoese built two large city walls that lock the Galata Tower to the coastline. With these city walls they would be protected both from attacks coming from Pera and create a living space for their colonies. The walls that were approximately 2 meters thick and 2.8 km long limited a space of 37 hectares. It is known that the city walls ending on the coast, reaching the sea extended to the front of Azapkapı, Şişhane, Galata Tower and Tophane. While in use, the city walls had 12 gates and 24 towers. 12 of these towers, with 33 km distance between them were on the seaside. The Genoese colonies preference of this region as their living area continued until the conquest of Istanbul by Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror, in 1453. Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror immediately ordered the Genoese to knock down the city walls. For, the area included inside the city walls was within the borders of Istanbul and it was not possible for a person or colony to claim ownership. Upon the order of Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror, the huge city walls surrounding the Galata Tower all the way to the coast line were demolished. Today, the back wall that supports Nola is a piece that has survived for approximately 1200 years among the demolished huge city walls.

From its demolition to the present, the structure was used for different needs without losing its historic identity. The most significant record that was found in historic sources is the 1949 Suat Nirven map, showing the structure as a “Military Boot Manufacturing Shop”. The Military Boot Manufacturing Shop was used until 1994. It was closed in 1994 and abandoned.

The changes the structure underwent create many different frames up to the present. Following the closure of the Military Boot Manufacturing Shop, bad low storey buildings were built around it. Most of them fell to pieces overtime. This area that was idle and unkempt for many years was repaired and maintained without harming its historic texture, as a result of long examination and work.

Today the area that has been restored by a very special architectural study that was true to the original, and is reintroduced to the city. An amazing historic and cultural legacy of approximately 1200 years, took its place among the thousands of historic values Istanbul, the city that unites Europe and Asia contains. Hosting many civilizations and cultures down the ages, where many people of various religions, languages and races lived together for centuries, Istanbul today is a developed metropolis and has its rightful place among the world capitals.

Nola; has united Istanbul’s unique historic texture with the select plates of the Mediterranean Cuisine and aims to unite the historic and cultural texture with a rich gusto for its distinguished guests.


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