Figen Ozer, People's Istanbul
Figen Ozer, People's Istanbul
People’s Istanbul Figen Özer Energy Market Professional, Consultant, Writer, Blogger

1. Hello Figen. Can you tell about the first memories you have in Istanbul? Were you born in here or came after?

Upss! I guess you mean Misstanbul by saying Istanbul! So Misstanbul is the city I am in love with but not I was born in. I lived in different cities because of my father’s profession. But we moved here almost 20 years ago. I am lucky that Misstanbul is the last station for us anymore. If you ask me about my first Misstanbul memories I remember the time I crossing the bridge between the two sides of the city. Actually our trip was going on in the earlier because most of our relatives live here. And then in one of the trip I remember I opened the glass for pulled the air inside.

I watched the blue but I was so sure that Misstanbul was more than blue. You can say that Just a kid’s feeling or a little wisdom. But still I can not live where without sea and not breath far away blue. By the way crossing the bridge is so funny for me even when the traffic jam. Because I call it “misstanbuldetox”.

2. Share your best suggestions on where to go to a dinner especially for the Turkish tastes?

Mostly a dinner can be planned considering some details such as location, brand, menu or the person accompanying. But I think it is also important that music or chat volume rotating around you. You should not disturbed by these kind of things. Because you are in Misstanbul. So you need to feed not only your stomach but also your soul.

We are lucky cause there are many places can be recommended. If I consider the frequency of my visits I wanna highlight of 2 restaurants of my favourites. One them is İstanbul Modern, and the other one is Raika. I like the atmosphere of these restaurants. But do you know what the most beautiful features of these kind of places that if you go own your own you can welcome Misstanbul on your table. I mean you can eat be alone with Misstanbul. Exactly like moments of pleasure. Because as you know that Misstanbul is not only overlooking sea or blue, also its view contains history.

3. What's your favorite way to spend a rainy day in Istanbul?

As asson as seeing a drop falling to the ground our minds comes traffic jam immediately. Also human jam indoors. So staying at home can be better choice. However, rainy Misstanbul can be enjoying for us. One condition is a must: you have to choose an appropriate place. If you do not wet, you can watch the rainy Misstanbul and you can get the smell of rain it means you have all conditions for a joyful rainy day in Misstanbul. There are some places I prefer mostly. I can share one of them: Perili Köşk.

4. What about the day you can’t forget in Istanbul?

Whom you ask this question, I am sure that say the same answer: Gezi Resistance. That feeling never be erased from our minds. For example in every time I pass Gümüşsuyu I am feeling same. At that time, after resistance volume calmed down, when I see the wall or way which was put paint patches for closing the people’s messages, I asked like most people what are they doing such a beautiful city view?! That moment Misstanbul like a beaten woman. And people in charge of this violent, tried to tap her face with a bad make up

5. Tell us about your secret places or just one hidden gem in Istanbul?

You know that it is not a secret known by two people! Actually I wanna keep to myself places where I go for reading, writing, meeting people for business. But I can say that I am like a Karaköy person. Places in there suit me. For answering this question I would recommend everyone to discover Misstanbul.

6. What about the music? What can you tell about the places you go to listen quality music as your choices?

I am a follower of IKSV. Especially young talents and jazzy music is a good option for an enjoyable night.

7: We do know you’re a writer and you’ve your books published. Tell us about some spots writer’s may like to be in to think silence or to feel the rush of the city.

Yes I wrote a book related to my profession. Apart from this, there are two book projects files on my computer that I'm waiting for right time for publishing. I think that writing outside or in public areas is not easy way. At least you can need to think out loudly sometimes or you wanna read out loudly . Why not? May be you can begin to walk while you are thinking. etc. On the other side, I prefer writing my blog post outside generally . I can write wherever coffee is with me. For a suggestion the top floor of Nişantaşı MOC is a first one from me.


8. How would you spend an ideal Sunday in Istanbul? Just to stay at home or you like to step outside?

You know what they say: Sunday Funday.

If there is not any situation that requires me to stay at home, Sunday must start with a brunch. Traditional Turkish Breakfast O No similar!

9. What’s the most funny experience you had in public?

This question is about unexperienced part of my life.

Daily life is interesting and sometimes funny but no idea as an answer now.

10. Is there any chance to avoid the noise of this city without going out of it? Any silence places to hide?

For sure ! I mentioned some places for previous quesitons. All of them can be good option. But I think that people should discover the city. I am sure this way will give more pleasure than going to recommended places.

11. After all, what can you tell about this city to a complete stranger?

Misstanbul is hard but very enjoyable city to live. Also to travel.

Also to be in love. It is special because it has mysterious corners full of surprises.

So I am sure it will be one of the most beautiful cities in the world for every stranger. I wanna say them : Here is the best city for not only passing pleasure times but also discovering.
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