Shopping Malls in Istanbul: Zorlu Center
Shopping Malls in Istanbul: Zorlu Center
The Zorlu Center Mall, in keeping with the cultural diversity of the city itself, will offer different alternatives for different needs, featuring a broad selection of restaurants, cafes and hundreds of global brands sure to appeal both to İstanbul residents and to guests from around the world. The 105,000 square meter Zorlu Center Mall deftly combines indoor and outdoor space nestled in green areas flanked by water elements in a shopping emporium featuring 200 exclusive brands, some coming to Turkey for the first time. The entertainment offering at Zorlu Center Shopping Mall will include 12 movie theatres seating 1,600 patrons, complemented by a 9,000 square meter anchor store and a 6,000 square meter gourmet supermarket. With 40 cafes and restaurants boasting world-renowned and award-winning chefs presenting flavors from around the world, Zorlu Center is certain to be the gourmet address of choice in İstanbul. Apple Store in Istanbul[/caption] First "Apple Store" in Turkey opened at Zorlu Center with a special design!

The lights of Zorlu Center Shopping Mall will constantly rearranged by the changes of daylight with the new developed lighting technology. The cameras on the towers will detect the light reflected from Bosphorus, and the sky. Computer system will transmute the data received, so the visitors of Zorlu Center Shopping Mall will feel the daylight inside the building. Zorlu Center Mall will have a main square measuring 10,000 square meters gross leasable area of approximately 60,000 square meters and floors each featuring a different concept. Plus: You can enjoy your dinner in Eataly or Jamie's Italian in Zorlu Center.

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Zorlu Center
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