The Voice Of Romance Garou In Istanbul For The First Time On 20th Anniversary Of His Career
The Voice Of Romance Garou In Istanbul For The First Time On 20th Anniversary Of His Career
 Having a fan base in our country; the romantic, charismatic, passionate and enchanting Canadian singer and actor Garou is in Istanbul for the first time in the "Garou - 20 years" tour of the 20th anniversary of his career!

Coming to our country with the Piu Entertainment organization to give one of the most magnificent concerts of the year on 2 November, the artist will sing the most popular songs at the Volkswagen Arena. Tickets that are expected to be sold out will be on sale from April 27th. Garou, the voice of the songs that steal the hearts of millions like 'Belle', 'Gitan', 'Sous le vent' and 'Seoul', will sing all the hit songs that he has released throughout his career in this gigantic concert. Garou fans will have a chance to watch different surprise performances in the scope of "Garou - 20 years" tour.

When the writer of the Notre Dame de Paris musical, the famous poet and producer Luc Plamondon encountered with Garou, who sings with a guitar in bar in Montreal, the entire career of this artist began to change. Taking on the role of Quasimodo, who will meet himself to a massive audience, the artist had a worldwide reputation for his magnificent performance and the famous 'Belle' interpretation. It did not take long for Celine Dion and Rene Angelil to be among the names that admired Garou's talent.

In 2000, Garou released his first album, Seoul; including his duet "Sous le vent" with Celine Dion. After the album came out, it made a history and broke the record with only 2.5 million sales in 11 weeks in France. Garou took his place on the agenda of France and pop music scene with his album including the hit songs like Seoul and Gitan. The next album, 'Rhythm and Blues' album received the Gold Plaque award one weeks after it was released.

Garou, gaining success as a musician along with his composer identity, has won numerous awards including the World Music Awards and Le Félix - Révélation au Québec. Leaving 20 year behind in his career from the middle of the 90's to today, Garou gave legendary concerts on evert corner of the world like France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, USA, England, Tahiti, Lebanon, Romania, Poland, Russia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and many more countries; and now it is Turkey’s turn to witness the spectacular performance by Garou. Garou will sing his songs with all his charm, charisma and romance for you in Volkswagen Arena on November 2nd!

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