Traditional Armenian food in Istanbul: Jash
Traditional Armenian food in Istanbul: Jash
Great food, great atmosphere. It's a cosy and restaurant maybe of how you may imagine how Istanbul to be in Ottoman era. Jash Istanbul has set off thinking that differences would not lead to separation, but richness in a world that is becoming global day by day. The most important cultural heritages of a city like Istanbul is the cuisine. On this land where different cultures, religions, languages and colors have shared the same happiness, emotions and tastes for thousands of years, we have tried to describe ourselves with a single word: ‘Jash’, which means ‘food’ in Armenian, something people need in order to survive, but also want it to be different.

Istanbul Jash Istanbul tries to gather all traditional tastes of Istanbul -a union of multinational cuisines of Istanbul such as Armenian, Greek, Ottoman, Circassian, Italian etc. Jash Istanbul’s main purpose is to present the tastes of Istanbul to its customers with ultimate care and introduce a different Istanbul to them, in other words, to take them into Istanbul’s kitchen. They want you to feel at home when you enter Jash.

With their home style (classical fashioned) decoration, antique objects and piano we tr y to make you remember a childhood memory , a dinner with your family in your grandmother’s house. Located in Cihangir, Beyoglu district of Istanbul,  you may see many famous faces of arts in Istanbul. It is an unforgettable unique place enabling to meet your intellectual, spiritual and physical needs and taste delicious appetizers.

The very famous Magnum photographer Ara Güler is one the guests in Jash you may face frequently.  

How to get there?

Reservation required. Contact information: Jash Pürtelaş Hasan Efendi Mh. Cihangir Cd No:9 Beyoğlu, Türkiye
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